Don’t Believe the Hype: 3 Biggest Myths About Event Planners

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I love being an event planner! It is always an honor when someone comes to me for help with planning their special occasions. Everyday of the week in nearly every part of the world someone is hosting some type of event. Yet, the world of event planning seems to still be clouded in mystery for some. So let me help you out by debunking the 3 biggest myths about event planners.

#3 “Event Planners are only necessary for large events.”
Since the world of reality TV has taken a swing at event planning it seems that many of you think event planners are only necessary for swank, mega events with hundreds or even thousands of attendees. This is just not true. Whether you are planning a conference for 5,000 or a dinner party for 50 there is an event planner out there that can assist you. In fact, there are planners who specialize in small, intimate affairs. 

#2 “Event planners are too expensive.”
There is an event planner for almost every budget. You just have to do your research. Some planners charge flat rate fees for their services, some charge by the hour, and still others will create a custom quote for each event (I fall into the latter category). You can choose someone to help you with full planning (planning from beginning to end), day-of planning (this type of planner is just there on the day of), and you can even find event planners that offer a-l-carte services. For those of you on a really tight budget, perhaps a virtual event planner is what you need. A virtual event planner is someone who will assist you with logistics like securing a venue, finding vendors, and creating a timeline. This is all done via virtual platforms and is really very affordable. 

#1 “Event planning is easy so I don’t need to hire a professional.”
This one makes me laugh! In the words of a fellow event planner, “it’s gritty behind the pretty.” While the life of an event planner might seem fun and glamorous, it takes a lot of hours, and a little elbow grease, to pull off a successful event. I’ll be honest, there are some aspects of planning an event that the average Joe can do, but hiring a professional is the best way to ensure all of your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed. When planning events there are laws, regulations, and ordinances that must be followed, and someone who is not skilled in this are can easily overlook something and wind up in a lot of trouble. Hiring an event planner gives you a little bit of insurance against things like this. 

Are you still leery of hiring a professional to help with your next event? Comment below and express your concerns.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Believe the Hype: 3 Biggest Myths About Event Planners

  1. All event planners deserve praise because it is definitely a gift to be able to do what you do! Patience is key and I can imagine the stories you have! Your service is invaluable!

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  2. this is a great read. Particularly about the misconception of planners being too expensive. It’s important to establish a relationship and trust between the planner and the client. A planner can actually save a client money by being open about the events budget.

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