Not Your Average Event Planner

If you happen to have a subscription to any of the popular deal sites, then you’ve probably seen listings for event planner certifications. These programs claim to provide all the knowledge you need to launch a successful event planning business for the amazingly low price of $30. While this may seem like a great deal, it takes much more than that to make it in this industry. Before you start typing your hate mail let me say this: I recently took one of these courses and I actually found it to be very interesting. However, as I was going through the course it became clear to me that I am not your average event planner. Here are four things that set me apart from my colleagues.

pink dollar signNumber One: With me you don’t get what you pay for. Yes, you read that correctly. Why is this? Because I am a giver at heart. My clients always get more than what they pay for. My mantra is to under promise and over deliver. I get a little thrill when I am able to do the extra special, unexpected things for my clients.

Number Two: I am an advocate. Many times people come to me totally frustrated with the profile pictureplanning process because they feel they are not being heard. I gladly step in as a liaison  between my client and an unresponsive vendor, and I am always willing to mediate between a bride and a wayward wedding party member. Honestly, event planning can be cutthroat, but with me by your side no one will push you around.

Number Three: I totally understand being on a budget. One of the main winking piggy bankobjections people have to hiring an event planner is that they are too expensive. As a mother of five, I know that budgeting is necessary. This is why I offer finance free payment plans and why I strive to find the best deals in town. I think that a wife should be able to give her husband a fabulous retirement party without having to use up all of his pension.


Number Four: Everything about this job excites me. I never have a boring day at work! While some event planners might be caught up in the glitter and sparkle, the actual work of event planning is fun for me. I like creating budgets and timelines. Helping my clients secure vendors and locate the perfect venue gets my blood pumping!

This industry is tough but rewarding, and there are no shortcuts to success. I am passionate about what I do, and I am always looking for ways to improve. Comment below, and share with me some traits you think an above average event planner should have.


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  1. Great read! Another trait an above average EP should have is the ability to think fast on her feet. Things go wrong all the time and I, as a non-event planner, really appreciate it when an EP can quickly solve a problem that might otherwise have made the event a total disaster!


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