Take A Second Look: Three Trends I Was Wrong About

It’s not very often that I admit when I am wrong, and I’m not wrong very often (wink). So today I’m stepping up to the mic to tell you about three event trends that I have changed my mind about.

#1. Chevron Stripschevron striped table runner

I fought this trend with all of my might, and I’m a little sad to say that this trend is actually on a down swing. However, if done correctly chevron stripes can bring a touch of class to your next event. Where many people have gone wrong is by choosing this lovely pattern as their theme. When chevron stripes are used in abundance it can be overwhelming and a little dizzying. Instead, use them sparingly. Choose a table runner with chevron stripes instead of a table cloth covered in the pattern.

#2. Baby’s Breath baby's breath

I have always thought of baby’s breath as weeds to be cut down (in fact, they grow on bushes)  and not flowers to be used for decorating. I recently saw a bouquet that was made entirely of baby’s breath, and I fell in love! Not only are these little guys very romantic, but they are also pretty inexpensive. Again, moderation is the key. A bride carrying a baby’s breath bouquet can be very nice, but you may not want to do this for your entire bridal party. If you want to use these lovelies as decor, then stick to small bunches in short vases.

#3. The Naked Cake

naked cakeThe first time I saw a naked cake I just didn’t get it. I simply could not fathom why anyone would want an un-iced, un-decorated cake. Well, now I get it. I’ve come to appreciate these cakes for their simplicity and I understand the skill it takes to make these “plain” cakes look so beautiful. The key to pulling off this trend is the setting. If you are dreaming of a venue along the lines of the Met, then you may want something a little more robust than the naked cake. A rustic, outdoor event provides the perfect stage for this simple beauty.

There you have it. I was wrong about these trends, and I’m glad the rest of you embraced them in spite of me. Is there a trend you once disliked, but now love? Comment below and tell me what changed your mind. Do you disagree with my picks? Leave a comment, and let me know why.


One thought on “Take A Second Look: Three Trends I Was Wrong About

  1. I love your picks and coincidentally hated a lot of them myself. I was not interested in chevron or baby’s breath but I like how they are used in the pictures above. I actually have never even thought much about a naked cake and although I like the concept (as I am someone who does not care for icing) the appearance would have to grow on me.

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