10 of My Favorite Edible Wedding Favors

I recently spoke with a young lady who is in the process of planning her wedding. We had a very lovely conversation until we started talking about wedding favors. Like most of us, this bride is on a budget so she was thinking of giving her guests Jordan Almonds. If you’ve never had a Jordan Almond, trust me: they leave much to be desired. Since I am of the belief that it’s always a good idea to thank people for their time, I’ve compiled a list of ten munch-worthy wedding favors.

1. Candy Apples are not just for carnivals any more. 0d6fb75ac2b565b5681124c91a9daa2e

2. Monogrammed Cookies are a classy touch. d35940050deb3772e33a02a9a24391ef

3. Your guests will pop over gourmet popcorn!


4. Put your favorite candy in a cute jar.


5. Granola is a yummy and healthy option.


6. Cake in a jar: explains itself.


7. Perk your party-goers up with fresh coffee beans.


8. The hottest thing around are these mini bagels.


9. Since trail mix was meant for the road, it makes a perfect parting gift.


10. Homemade jam will be great at breakfast the next morning.


These edible wedding favors are fun, fresh, and delicious. The best part is they are budget friendly. What is the best wedding favor you have ever received? Comment below and let me know.