Choosing the Best Tea for Your Event

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Tea and parties go hand in hand.  Everyone loves a good tea party.  In addition, tea is a big part of many cultures worldwide, so if you plan on a business conference or meeting, you better make sure that you have your “teas” crossed.


Choosing the right tea to complement your event may be tricky.  Every tea has a very distinct flavor, appearance and feel.  Teas range for full bodied with a high level of caffeine to light an delicate with no caffeine and everything in between.  There are tea blends and “teas” that are not really tea, but blends of herbs.  There are so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming.  


So what is the best tea for your event?


For business events, a hearty, full flavored tea that is designed to increase mental clarity and physical stamina would be the perfect beverage of choice.  Black teas fight this bill nicely.  In addition, a good strong blend like English Breakfast or Earl Grey would be perfect.


These teas will impress your guests that you have knowledge of what tea is best in the business setting and which teas actually complement the business environment.  In Japan, all business meetings have a good strong tea.  Countries like China and India have their own tea ceremonies.  Showing your clients that you understand these little nuances, goes a long way.  The tea should be served in a strong functional tea pot with strong functional cup, not too frilly as you would for a garden party.


colorful garden tea party

However, if your event is actually a garden party, like an afternoon tea or a bridal shower, you would want to have a lighter tea.  You may even want to go with an herbal blend, a flowery tea or a fruit flavored tea.  Green teas flavored with fruit, hibiscus teas and chamomile blends are perfect for these relaxing times lounging in the sun and the blooms of the garden.  


The light rich flavors of these teas, in addition to the beautiful colors, will delight your guests.  Hibiscus teas are bright red, but when blueberries are added, it transforms into a wonderful violet purple.  Green teas are very light green, but can also take on the color of any fruit that may be added.  They are a beautiful sight inside your cup.  And when speaking of beautiful, you cannot overlook flowering teas.

flowering teas


For a more formal event, you can even use tea for your centerpiece.  There are several flowering and blooming teas on the market that not only make a beautiful centerpiece, but also provide a refreshing beverage.  Your guests will be amazing as they see the beautiful teas open and flower and be even more impressed with the delicious taste of these teas.  Flowering teas are usually made with white teas, so they are very light and delicate.  It is really the perfect tea for a formal occasion, it is sure to please even the most discerning guest.  


 iced tea

Finally,  tea doesn’t always mean formal.  Having a barbecue?  Whip out those glass gallon jugs and make you some Sunshine Teas (  Our fruit infused, crystal elixir teas ( are not only delicious and refreshing as an iced tea, they are also a great conversation starter with our unique brewing methods.  We send all the instructions in the tea kits (  


So no matter what your event may be business, formal, or informal, there is a tea that will complement your gathering and bring it to the next level.  



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