Making the Most of a Unique Event Space

Banquet halls and civic centers are nice, but sometimes it’s nice to pick an unexpected space to host an event. These days weddings are being held in airplane hangers and companies are hosting their marketing events on rooftops. If you are thinking about choosing a unique venue for your next event, then read on.

Here are 5 things that will help you make the most of your funky event space. unique venue space

1. When dealing with a large venue that has multiple rooms, like a museum, make sure you map out the flow from room to room. This will give your event continuity.

2. Make sure you have enough power. Never assume the venue will be able to electrical-plug-symbolaccommodate your needs or you may literally leave your guests in the dark.

3. Leave room in your budget for pest control. Even a well-kept warehouse can have rodents and insects. Have someone come out and perform an inspection and treat for pests if needed.

4. Make sure you have a way of controlling the temperature. Depending on the tent with fansseason, you may need to contact a local rental company for portable fans or heaters.

5. Call first dig second…always call to verify underground utilities before digging for any reason.

There is no need to be afraid of an out-of-the-box event space. If you plan well, then you’ll be fine! Comment below and tell me about your experiences with unique event spaces.