Your Are Cordially Invited: The Skinny On Invitations

you are cordially invited

One of the most important decisions you will make when planning an event is the invitation. Although I have been guilty of sending electronic invitations in the past, I am partial to handmade, paper invitations. Think of sending out invitations like making a first impression: you only get one chance. Search for an invitation that matches the theme of your event. This will save you time by narrowing down your choices. It also gives your guests a preview of what your event will be like.

What should be included on the invitation?
~Purpose of the invitation (wedding, birthday party, grand opening, etc.)
~Name of the Honoree
~Day and Date
~Name of the venue
~RSVP Date
~Dress code

When should invitations be sent?
Wedding: 6 t0 8 weeks in advance
Formal dinner: 3 to 6 weeks prior
Informal dinner: from a few days away to 6 weeks prior
Cocktail party: 2 to 4 weeks in advance
Anniversary party: 3 to 6 weeks prior
Christmas party: 1 month in advance christmas_invitation
Graduation party: 3 weeks prior
Bon Voyage party: last minute to 3 weeks in advance
Housewarming: from a few days to 3 weeks prior
Lunch or tea party: from a few days to 2 weeks prior

*If  you have guests who will be travelling from out of town for a wedding, then save-the-date cards should be mailed 6 months in advance.* 

You can capture your guests’ attention with distinctive envelopes. Consider using colors, patterns, or different textures that represent your style. luxury invitations

I want to know, how will you be inviting your guests to your next event? Electronic invites or mailed: comment below and let me know.


3 thoughts on “Your Are Cordially Invited: The Skinny On Invitations

  1. I received a very creative wedding invitation last year. It was a small box with a small jigsaw puzzle inside. The invitation was in the puzzle, so you needed to do it to find out where and when the wedding was. It was incredible.

    Replying to your question, I think I value things more when a person takes his or her time to send an invitation in writing. E-mails are even cheaper than a dime a dozen.


  2. I still love sending invites via mail but I’ve received so many text invites that I thought I was the only one stuck on old school mode. Very helpful post. A lot of us stumble on when to send our invitations. Not everyone enjoys receiving a text invite 3 days before the celebration. 😁

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