Summer-Time Wedding Style

Shawna Solomon is the owner and founder of Exotic Hush boutique. She is bringing you the top looks of the summer 2015 wedding season. 

Invited to a wedding this summer? Need something comfortable yet stylish and affordable to wear? Well, we have found the hottest looks of the season. When going to a wedding, please keep in mind the time of day, and the location. An outdoor ceremony at 1:00 pm will have a different dress code than a 7:00pm reception at a country club.

Flowers are in this summer. Floral print skirts with fitted tops and comfortable heels, as well as floral minis are all the rage. This look will have everyone dying to know who your stylist and white floral skirt

Opting for a sleek pencil skirt with a stand out top will turn heads the minute you walk in.

black pencil skirt

Tennis style dresses are hot this year in various prints and colors. To add some color, choose a summer color shoe as an accent. Complete the look with a matching clutch or bag. floral print dress with blue clutch

white pant suit Not a fan of skirts or dresses? Opt for a sleek fitted jumper in a soft spring color or a simple clean white. Make sure you accessorize to complete your look with playful colors and dramatic pieces. Keep the jumpsuit simple, and allow the accessories to show your personal style.

 If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a maxi dress. Slip on a comfortable maxi accompanied by accent accessories to complete your look. flowy maxi dress

Keep in mind; you always want to comply with any color  and/or theme request from the Bride & Groom. Believe me, I was one of those Color Coordinated Brides.

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