3 Tips to Warm Weather Event Planning

If the weather is getting warmer in your area, I’m sure you are thinking of ways to get out and enjoy it. An abundance of sunshine is a great reason to host an event outdoors. Here are three tips that will ensure success when planning events during warm weather months.

1. If you decide to host an event outside during the warmer months, make sure you have a way of helping your guests beat the heat. Have plenty of water to drink before, during, and after your event. Tents and fans are also great options. Contact a local company for rental details. For more casual events, you may even consider giving your guests sunglasses to wear.


Fruit-Salad-Hawaiian-044-Edit-500-92. Serve light fare instead of a heavy meal. Things like fruit, salad, and ice cream will keep your guests refreshed, and will be much gentler on your budget than a traditional meal. If your event is formal or being held around dinner time, then serving salads, cold pastas, and fish is a great option.

3. While you are getting out to enjoy the warmth, so are the bugs. A little preparation can help keep the bests away. You can treat your grass for ants and other bugs with insecticides from your local garden store. In areas with particularly persistent insects, you may want to provide your guests with bug repellent on the day of your event. bug spray and fans

I love when the weather warms up because it means my children can spend more time outside. It also means that hosting events outdoors is an option that many hosts will choose. Comment below and tell me what you are looking forward to doing as the weather warms up.