10 Super Cute Party Favors for Kids

Growing up one of the things I loved most about attending birthday parties was the cake and the promise of a goody bag at the end. That little plastic bag filled with cheap trinkets and way too much candy was a veritable treasure chest. Well if you have been to a child’s birthday party lately, then you may not realize this, but the day of the goody bag is over. Parents of the birthday child are looking for more meaningful favors to give their guests, and parents of the party-goers are tired of their kids being sent home with a bag of junk. If you are not sure what to give in the place of a traditional goody bag here are 10 super cute party favor ideas. 

 A gardening kit allows kids the opportunity to get dirty, and it’s a great idea for springtime birthdays. 

garden craft kit

Bubbles are inexpensive and will keep your little guests entertained. bubbles as party favors

A deck of cards can provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

deck of cards

I’ve always loved a good book and so will your guests.

books as party favors

Make the party last by handing out personalized CD’s.

personalized birthday cd

Kids might not like getting sock for Christmas, but socks with a fun design make a great party favor. 

crazy sock design

Why not let your guests put together their own party favor? This idea works great with things like trail mix, small candies, and even popcorn. 

build your own party favor

Every child I know has broken crayons lying around. Put them to good use and melt them down to make multicolored crayons to give as party favors. 


If you must give a sweet treat, then a homemade cookie wrapped in a personalized envelope is the way to go. 

cookie envelope

Your guests can play pictionary, hangman, or write farewell notes to each other with these cute chalkboard and chalk sets. 

mini chalkboards

Do you have any unique ideas for children’s party favors? Share them in the comments section.