Attract More Mellennials to Your Venue

young event progessionals

Hotels and conference centers are common choices for holding meetings. Event planners often start with selecting a venue because the location often sets the tone for the meeting.older professional woman

A recent study shows that while older event planners value customer service above all else, younger event planners are searching for the best deal. If you are looking to attract younger event planners to your venue, then keep reading.

Make Yourself Available meeting room venue

These days, searching for a venue is mulit-day process and involves lots of interaction between venue managers and event planners. Millennials are less likely to contract directly with a venue. Younger event planners prefer the simplicity and convenience of being to use an event management platform. If your venue is not listed on any of these platforms, you could be loosing out on big bucks. My favorite sites are SpeedRFP and Eventective.

Create A Strong Social Media Presence Coloured-Social-Media-Icons-Round

While event planners young and old may be familiar with social media, millennial event planners are 50 percent more likely to say that social media and  logs have a strong influence on their decision making process. This goes beyond tweets and status updates. Younger event planners take to the web to find highly recommended venues, and they actually read the reviews on your social media sites. Create a buzz around your venue by collectiong stellar reviews.

The event planning industry has seen steady growth over the past 10 years, and the average age of event planners is dropping. Follow my advice, and you will have the millennial event planners clammoring to book your venue.

Comment below and share how you are bringing younger event planners to your venue.