Wedding Wednesday Deals

In case you are unaware, today is Wedding Wednesday, and that’s kind of a big deal. I talk to a lot of brides who budget conscious. So in honor of everyone’s pocketbooks, I’m sharing some deals that I think are pretty awesome.

Make up Eraser

The Make Up Eraser is a product that I heard about from Arlene Wallis. It’s a oil and cream free make up remover. Simply add water! Go to and get yours for only $20.

Shawna Solomon was gracious enough to help wedding goers pick the perfect outfits, but today she is bringing us a deal just for brides. Matching Bridesmaids Robes

Visit to snag matching bridesmaids robes. Mention this post and Shawna will give you $25 off!!

I saw this last deal as I was perusing Faceboom this morning, and I was totally floored! Spandex chair covers are hot right now and Wal-Mart is offering a set of 10 for $13! Plus they offer free site to store shipping on large orders. You can’t beat that.

spandex chair covers

Well there you have it. Three awesome Wedding Wednesday deals to help the budget savvy brides. If you’ve found a good deal recently, please comment below and share it with the rest of us.