Fun Fact Friday!

It’s Fun Fact Friday…sort of. The tidbits I’m sharing to today are really more like event planning tips and tricks. The best part is most of them will save you money. Take a look!

☆ You should allow 25 to 30 sq. feet per guest. This will allow enough space for tables, chairs, a dance floor, and event support staff. event venue with dance floor

☆ If you are required to feed your vendors, make sure you don’t have to provide the same meal you are serving to your guests. No sense paying for 20 extra lobster tails when a burger will do. lobster tail meal

☆ Typically, you will need one bartender for every 50 guests. This will keep the line moving and the libations flowing. ethnic bartender

☆ As a rule, about 30% of the people you invite to your event won’t attend. This number is higher if you are inviting a lot of out of town guests. RSVP card

There you have. I hope these tips help you with your next event. Have an event planning tip you’d like to share? Put them in the comments below.