Business Spotlight: Reading is Golden

Today, the business spotlight is on Alika Turner and her business Reading is Golden. I’m excited to be featuring Alika for two reasons: #1 she is my sister-friend and #2 her answers to my questions made me broaden my views on event planning. Read what she has to say below. Alika Turner

What services do you provide?

READING IS GOLDEN A Platform Supporting Authors and Readers Reading is Golden was established to support the importance of literacy. Through our persistent efforts, Reading Is Golden introduces new and experienced authors through weekly Author Spotlights. These spotlights also include Q&A sessions where readers are encouraged to actively participate and give feedback. Reading is Golden logo

Literacy among young children has become the focal point of our business. Reading Is Golden also hosts monthly book giveaways, along with encouraging children and their families to submit book reviews.

Why did you choose this business and how long have you been doing it?

As a writer myself, I knew it was important to support other authors. I wanted to approach marketing and supporting authors in a unique and creative way. I have been writing all my life however, Reading is Golden is about 2 months old.

How can your service/product benefit someone planning an event?

If you are looking to feature an author at your event, we can help. Having an event for kids and looking to add story time, we can help. If you are, an event planner and you want to take a shot at hosting a book launch we have authors for you who could benefit. Our authors are always looking for a place to market their work and events provide an amazing platform for just that.

What sets you apart from others in your industry?

Reading Is Golden takes a very personal approach when connecting with authors. We seek out authors because our mission is to support you, you should not always have to search for support. We believe in, more than just allowing an author to market their work on our site. We want to help them reach their target audience through Q&A sessions, book giveaways, author spotlights, weekly marketing follow-ups and much more. We are currently working on developing three platforms to assist authors with their mission to reach a larger audience. In our consistent effort to not only, support authors but to also, support their readers and help them become more reachable What sets us apart? We encourage readers to submit reviews on their favorite books; we also encourage young children to submit video book reviews. Soon will be hitting the streets to support and spread the joy of literacy. Many author marketing websites provide one thing to authors we want to give authors a variety of marketing support.

Do you currently have any specials are deals that you are offering? Author Spotlight

Currently, we offer a free platform for authors to market their work. All we ask is that they participate in author spotlights, which we host every Wednesday. We have a new and exciting children’s book giveaway starting June 15, 2015. We are also giving away a $20 visa gift card for people who participate in our survey.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Alika and Reading is Golden. Make sure you fill out the survey. Have you ever attended an event geared toward literacy? Comment below and tell me about it.