Wedding Wednesday: After the Ceremony

I know from experience that weddings can be fun and exciting. When brides get caught up in the moment, some very important things can slip through the cracks.

Most ceremonies are fairly short, and since couples are usually busy taking pictures afterward or travelling to the reception, sentimental items may get left behind. unity candlesExtra programs, unity candles, photos of loved ones that were on the altar, are all things that can be forgotten in the excitement. I always ask my brides if there are any items being used in the ceremony that they would like to save. Make a checklist of your items and designate someone to collect them and return them to you. If you are working with an event planner, make sure they know who this person is.

Whether you do it online or in the store, registering for wedding gifts can be a lot of fun. images (24)What’s not fun is scrambling to load gifts into your car at the end of the night. Before the big day, decide who will collect and transport your gifts. If you are leaving for your honeymoon right away, you will need to make arrangements to retreive your gifts.

With all of the excitement going on at your wedding, I implore you not to forget to sign and file your marriage license. Your wedding officiant will most likely be the one sending your official documents off. To help this process along, bring an envelope and stamp to give to your officiant. marriage license

Weddings should be fun, memorable, and exciting. I hope the tips I’ve shared make your special day run a little smoother.

Brides, sound off! Did you forget something important after your ceremony? Comment below and let me know.