Plan A Fantastic Appreciation Event

thank you word collageAppreciation events are an excellent way to say, “thank you” to customers, employees, and volunteers. This gives everyone a chance to build rapport in a casual environment. The goal is to show genuine appreciation while avoiding formality.

Types of Events

Employee Recognition events are for employees and volunteers of a company, and their spouses and guests. These events recognize employees for their accomplishments and awards may even be presented. Customer Appreciation events are for loyal customers of a business. customer appreciation event

When it comes to choosing the venue and type of event you will have, the choices may seem limitless. Here are a few options:

• Large party with entertainment

• Dinner and a show for a small group

• A private suite at a sporting event

• A party at the company’s facilities

• Outdoor party

outdoor party

Set the Environment

~ Make sure the environment is conducive to mixing and mingling. The venue should allow people to move around and talk freely.

~ Limit the number of seats available. Having a lot of chairs out will tempt guests to plant themselves in one for the entire event.

~ Keep the volume on any entertainment low. This will allow guests to have conversations without having to yell at one another.

~ Have a plan for serving food and drinks. A bar with finger foods works best for standing events.Elegant-cocktail-party-table

Have you ever attended an appreciation event? What type of venue was chosen? Was there live entertainment? Comment below and tell me how it went.