How To Get the Most Accurate Price Quotes

price quoteI am on several social media sites, and belong to a few groups geared towards event planning. One of the most popular types of posts in these groups is people looking for referrals and asking vendors for quotes. Usually they read something like this, “will someone give me a price for a _______.” While social media is great for making connections, it’s really not the best platform to use to gather quotes from potential vendors. In order for you to get an accurate quote, and to be able to make an informed decision, I recommend going directly to the vendor. When you contact them be prepared.

  1. Know your budget. price-tag-01Before you begin researching vendors decide how much you want to pay for each service. This will help you save time by keeping you from contacting vendors who are beyond your budget.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the lingo. There is a difference between a DJ and an MC. Not all event planners provide design services. Do you understand what an event manager is?Doing a little homework will help you to better understand the quote you receive from any potential vendors.
  3. Give the vendor as much information as possible. Sending a message or emblue checklistail simply asking, “how much do you charge?” is not going to get you very far. You should be able to provide information such as event type, location of event, date(s), and the scope of services you are interested in.

The event planning industry is full of all types of professionals that provide a variety of services. If you find yourself in need of these services, ensure that you get an accurate quote by following the steps I’ve laid out.

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