7 Tips For Planning a Great Family Reunion

A few yeas ago my husband decided to host a family reunion of sorts. We had just moved back to Texas, and he wanted to get all of his siblings together to reconnect and catch up. Lucky for him he is married to an event planner. Family reunions are no longer boring Sunday afternoon get-togethers. Today, they are elaborate multi-day affairs. If like me you find yourself in charge of planning your next family reunion, then here are 7 tips to help make sure it is a success.

  1. Start Early 
    It is not uncommon to give your self a year or more to get your reunion plans together. Adults can plan for time off from work, parents will have time to accommodate their children’s schedules, and everyone will have plenty of time to save up for the occasion.
  2. Location, Location, Location city life
    You should either choose a location that is central to everyone or a long distance from everyone. Hosting family reunions in big cities has become popular, but I suggest booking hotel rooms in the suburbs to save money.
  3. Choosing A Date
    party date on calendarSome families choose to tie their reunions into an important event like an anniversary or birthday. You may choose to center your event around a holiday like Independence Day or Labor Day. Not everyone is going to be able to make it. Once you pick a date: stick to it.
  4. Size Matters
    How are you going to define family when it comes to your reunion? How many generations will be invited? Will you allow extended family members to attend? However you choose to define family, I suggest keeping it small if this is your first year.
  5. Pay Attention to Price
    The majority of family reunions are attended by young families, and they don’t usually have lots of extra money to spend on travel and vacations. Keep this in mind when you are making your plans.
  6. Activities For All family reunion camping
    Take a poll of some of your family members to find out what is important. There is no sense in planning an elaborate dinner when most people would rather be camping. Single, young adults are notorious for not attending family reunions. Make sure you plan activities that will attract them.
  7. Don’t Go It Alone
    Get other members of your family involved. This will get more people interested in your event, and create a buzz around your reunion. Planning a family planning meetingfamily reunion can be a daunting task. Once you have your volunteers lined up, give each one a different job to do.

Our little reunion is just a month away. I have some new activities planned for us this year, and I’m looking forward to getting the gang together again.

Does your family have a reunion? Comment below and tell me about it!