Business Spotlight: Renfro Bartending In Tyler, TX

As an event planner, I get to work with all sorts of  vendors. Today I am choosing to spotlight one of them. In case you haven’t heard, I will be hosting a bridal show in August. When I put out the call for vendors to sponsor the event Sarah responded right away. Her company, Renfro Bartending, will be providing services for the bridal show. Read on the find out more about Sarah and her business. 

What service/product do you provide? Renfro Bartending provides bartending services for parties, weddings and other events. Their service area is Tyler and surrounding areas. Sarah Renfro

Why did you choose this business and how long have you been doing it?
Renfro Bartending is a husband and wife team. Sarah has over 13 years experience behind the bar. She has worked off and on for the 11th Frame Club, Inc. in the Green Acres Bowling Alley for over 13 years.  Dan has 2 years bar experience, plus a lifetime of party hosting, and drink mixing.   Both Renfros are TABC certified.

Back in January, Sarah was asked to tend bar at a private party. She had such a positive experience, she came home to tell Dan all about it.  Two busy parents, Dan and Sarah are always looking for ways to spend more time together. What better way to do that than work side by side at important events?  By Monday morning, Renfro Bartending was up and running.

How can your service/product benefit someone planning an event? renfro bartending setup
The benefit of hiring a bartender for your event means that you can enjoy your own party! You will not need to worry about running around your party, chasing after ice and mixers, and spending the evening mixing drinks for your guests; or worse yet, one of your guests get stuck behind the bar serving people and not having any fun either.  You don’t have to worry about your guests serving themselves and over-pouring their drinks. Hiring a bartender can help keep your liquor costs down, as well as ensure that your guests stay safe.

Renfro Bartending will show up to the event early to set up and stay late to clean up.  They are very tidy bartenders, and they will never leave a huge mess behind.

If you are hosting an event at a venue and wish to serve alcohol, most venues require you to hire a bartender.  Additionally, if you are planning an event at your private residence, hiring a bartender is always recommended so the hosts can have some fun too.


What sets you apart from others in your industry?
Renfro Bartending can offer years of bar experience. They are friendly, helpful and hard-working. Sarah and Dan have been known to pitch in and help caterers set tables and pour glasses of tea before a wedding reception, or help other hired staff get their supplies minutes before the doors opened for a gala.

Renfro Bartending can assist their clients with figuring how much liquor they will need to purchase for their event, and provide them a grocery list. They greatly enjoy helping clients come up with signature cocktails.

They understand that the bar is the hub of the party, and they want their clients to have as much fun as their guests.

Renfro Bartending also just started offering Love Dove Rentals!  They have a pair of white doves that can be put on display at a reception table. They make an elegant and symbolic accent to a wedding reception.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about a business in the event planning/services industry? NETWORK. Get to know other people in the industry. Stay true to your word. Be kind and helpful. Don’t sell yourself short.  Your reputation is what will ensure your success.

I am glad to be working with Sarah on this event. She has been nothing but kind and professional. If you are in need of a bartender for your event, consider contacting Renfro Bartending. 

Renfro Bartending
Dan and Sarah Renfro