7 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

I recently learned about a book called Tutu Goes Green. I was so inspired by the respect that the book’s main character had for the earth, I decided to dedicate a post to help brides who are wanting to go green for their wedding.

lush gardenSet the tone by choosing an eco-friendly location. Show off the beauty of the environment with an outdoor venue. If this is not an option, do some research on your local museums and art galleries. Often times, these types of venues will donate your deposit to a charity of your choice.

Use local vendors. Not only will you be supporting your economy, but you will also be doing the earth a favor by cutting down on emissions from shipping trucks and vendors travelling from out of town.

Re-Use a wedding dress. Wearing your mother’s dress is an age-old tradition and works perfectly for brides who want to go-green. A skillful seamstress can transform a vintage gown into a modern beauty. Charities like Brides Against vintage wedding dressBreast Cancer offer you the chance to purchase a previously worn dress and also donate to a worthy cause.

Use digital photography. Digital cameras don’t use chemicals, paper, or rolls of film like film photography. Ask your photographer if they will create a digital photo album for you.

Consider using recycled paper. This will allow you to go green when it comes to your wedding wedding invitations on recycled paperinvitations, programs, and other paper goods. To go totally paperless, create a wedding website. There are lots of free options that will allow you to send out electronic invitations, track RSVPs, and keep your guests informed on all they need to know about your wedding.

potted plants at weddingsUse homegrown flowers. Working with a local, organic florist is a wonderful way to have beautiful flowers, and protect the environment. During the summer, hit up the farmer’s market to find lovely flowers for your bouquets. Potted plants are a great way to go for table decorations, and can be giving out as gifts afterwards.

Choose an organic menu. Many restaurants are offering farm to table vegeterian party foodcatering. This will allow you to serve fresh, organic food to your guests. Also be mindful of what you are dining on. Skip disposable dishes and rent china if necessary.

When it comes to weddings, going-green has nothing to do with your color palette. Today’s eco-conscious bride has a variety of ways that she can honor the earth on her big day. Are you planning to go-green when you walk down the aisle? Comment below and share your best eco-friendly wedding tips.


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