Fun Facts Friday: A Vocabulary Lesson

The event planning industry is large and varied. Often times when I conduct consultations with prospective clients, I realize that they are having a tough time making decisions because they do not understand the language of events. So this installment of Fun Facts Friday is all about vocabulary!

A la carte: any products or services that can be purchased separately as opposed to in a package

Break-Out Room: a smaller room used when a larger group breaks into a sub-group

glasses of champagneCorkage Charge: cost of bringing into a facility alcoholic beverages purchased elsewhere

Force Majeure Clause: part of a contract that limits liability should an unexpected or uncontrollable event occur

herringbone setupHerringbone Setup: rows of chairs or tables slanted in a V-shape facing a head table, stage, or speaker; sometimes referred to as a chevron

Rack Rate: a published, often highest rate for a hotel room hotel front desk

Need some clarification on an event planning term? Comment below, and I’ll see if I can help you out.