Fun Fact Friday: Bridal Show Edition

I’m back with the latest edition of Fun Fact Friday. Today I’m sharing 5 facts about the Visions by Vaughn Bridal Extravaganza. I’m super excited about this event, and I hope this post will give you a greater insight into how this bridal show can benefit you. visions by vaughn bridal extravaganza

  1. There will not be a fashion show. I’ve attended bridal fashion shows in the past, and I never felt they inspired me. I think most brides today take to the internet for inspiration, and already have very clear ideas of the fashion they want before they even begin the planning process.
  2. This event will encourage collaboration. I have chosen an intimate venue, and there will be tables set up so that attendees can sit and talk to one another.
  3. You will be inspired. The tables that I mentioned before will all be beautifully decorated. This is in an effort to encourage brides to think outside of the “rustic” box, and to inspire those who have no idea where to start.
  4. My vendors are awesome! Are you looking for alternative bouquet ideas? Do you need a cute idea for your bachelorette party? Want help planning your honeymoon? Need ideas for your wedding favors? My vendors will be able to help you with this and much more!
  5. You won’t break the bank attending this bridal show. Tickets for adults are only $10, and you will receive an amazing swag bag with your purchase. Parking is included, and it is free for children to attend.

For a very small investment, brides will be able to meet great vendors, exchange ideas with one another, sample some great products, and simply have a nice time. Tickets are on sale now so get yours today! 

If you are planning to attend, comment below and let me know what you are looking forward to the most.