DIY Centerpieces Using Only Dollar Store Materials

On Monday, I did my first live Periscope broadcast. The topic was DIY centerpieces. I assembled two different centerpieces using only things I found at my local dollar store. I was really nervous, but all in all I think things went well. I received great comments, and some really helpful feedback. One thing that was brought to my attention is that the camera was to far away. So, today I am doing a recap of the broadcast with some great photos.

The focal point of both examples was this simple floral stack. It comes completely assembled, and has a round plastic bottom that allows it to be free standing.

This is the floral stack I used for both centerpieces.
This is the floral stack I used for both centerpieces.

These were three dollars a piece. I chose the red and orange since we are going into fall weddings, but they also had sunflowers.

floral stack with red candles
Simple floral stack with red citronella candles

This design uses the floral stack ($3) and 4 red scented candles. The candles were regularly $1.00 each, but were on sale. I bought all 4 of these for $3. That makes this setup a total of $6. I think this would work perfectly for a birthday party or corporate event.

floral stak with tea lights
These tea light holders were $1.50 for a set of 3. I bought 4 boxes!

A while back I was in the store and I saw a basket full of tea lights on sale. The original price was $13 for a set of 3. They had been marked down to $3 and were on sale that day for $1.50 per box. I also picked up a set of glitter LED lights that were $1 for a pack of three. I combined them with the floral stack ($3) to create this look. This entire design is only $5.50.

For an even less expensive option, you could pair the floral stack ($3) with the LED lights by themselves. These are gold glitter, but I also saw red and brown. This look can be accomplished for a total of $4.00.

floral stack with glitter tea lights
The LED lights also came in red and brown.

I am a mom of 5 and a business owner so I am always watching the bottom line. If you are planning an event and are in need of inexpensive decor, you may want to check out your local dollar store. You never know what you might find!
What was the last great deal you found at your dollar store? Comment below and let me know.

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