5 Tips for Spicing Up Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events are a dime a dozen so it’s important to make yours stand out from the crowd. Corporate events are changing just as much as special events and turning up the volume on everything from decor to attendee engagement. From destination events to increased technology companies are creating unique experiences that go beyond the everyday.

Read on the learn about 6 of the hottest trends in corporate event planning.

  1. Unique and New Venuestheme park
    While hotels are typically the go-to for corporate events, more companies are hosting their events in fun and unique venues. Sports and concert venues, private villas, casinos, theme parks, or activity-based events are all trending with corporate event planners.
    Why this works: Creating a lasting impression on attendees is key to continuous growth and conference longevity.
  2. Event Transformation event brandingEven when companies are able to book a unique venue, they are still in need of awesome decorations and branding materials. You can’t have a successful event if your guests are not sure if they have arrived in the correct location. Aside from the typical banners, companies are transforming event spaces into something familiar for guests. Think Google, Salesforce, or other large companies.
    Why this works: A conference is the ultimate marketing opportunity for a company. Whether it’s a training conference or a sales conference companies require planners to design events that build brand loyalty.
  3. Focus on Attendee Engagement
    Organizers are making attendees a part of the event. Rather than sitting and listening for hours on end, attendees can participate and pitch in. Today’s conference are ditching the boring power point slides for activities such as live feeds, video conferencing, event-specific apps, event hashtags, and more.
    Why this works: Increasing attendee engagement creates a better overall experience. By being a part of the event, attendees are more likely to retain knowledge and skills than if they are just spectators.
  4. Events as Communities
    Corporate event planning is taking on a new aspect of creating “communities.” Instead of a typical two or three-day event, today’s planners are thinking about longer life-cycles for their corporate events. In fact, the event begins before it even starts. From registration to post-event follow-up event hosts are working hard to build a community around the event. corporate community
    Why this works: In the past, an event planner would have to review the event after the show in order to learn what worked and what didn’t. By creating a community around the event, planners can enlist the help of their followers to spread the word and collect instant feedback from the community.
  5. Local, Organic, and Sustainable
    Food that is locally sourced has become widely popular and is not going local, organic, sustainableanywhere soon. With companies making efforts to be socially responsible, many events call for every aspect of the event to be sustainable and “organic.” Today’s conference planners and hosts have to find innovative ways to promote local, organic, and sustainable causes as part of the vent. From “green” decor to locally sourced ingredients, planners have to deliver a message of caring and responsibility.
    Why this works: In addition to being profitable, companies and their employees are looking to be part of something bigger. Tying in a sense of social responsibility to events is key in helping companies confirm their commitment to social causes.

The corporate event scene is undergoing a huge transformation. No longer are events just a series of speakers, Power Point slides, and sack lunches. Today’s corporations and and event attendees alike are looking for unique experiences that will make a huge impact.

Comment below and tell me what you would like to see happen in the world of corporate events and conferences.