Rolling With the Punches

OK. I’m using this blog post as a public service announcement of sorts, and as a way to vent. During the summer months our air-conditioning unit went out no less than three times. There was a lot of fluid leakage, and the flooring had to be replaced. We suffered through it, and after the last repair was made a couple of weeks ago we thought all was well. Fast forward to today, and the whole indoor unit was replaced. This was beyond frustrating! Why? A few reasons. First, I woke up with a migraine so I was not at all in the mood for the noise. Secondly, we are expecting a cool front this week so the A/C probably won’t be necessary, and thirdly the work began at the time I would normally start school with my kids. Instead of letting it get to me I decided to roll with the punches. black woman boxing

This is my advice to anyone who is planning an event. I am working with a bride who has had to change her wedding date due to limited venue availability. I’m currently working with a mother who is planning a birthday party for her daughter, and she is having to rethink the budget for her venue. She may end up cutting her guest list. If you don’t want to go insane during the planning process you have to stay flexible, and you have to admit when your expectations are unrealistic.

sticker shockIf you have never worked with a caterer or photographer before, then you are probably not familiar with the costs of these services. Many people have a dollar amount set before they ever speak with any professional or do any research at all. These are the people who usually experience a drastic case of sticker shock. Before you start the planning process it is a good idea to know what  your max budget is, but you may have to change the way you allocate your money.

Life happens to all of us. No matter how well you plan, you need to be prepared and have a plan B. If you want to survive the planning process with any similitude of sanity, then you need to take my advice and roll with the punches. Comment below and share an experience you’ve had that made you resort to plan B.
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