4 Things Your Wedding Guests Want You To Know

What’s a party without guests? Pretty boring if you ask me. The same holds true for weddings. The wedding is a celebration of marriage, family, and friends. However, there are some things that your wedding guests would like for you to know, but probably won’t tell you. Read below to make sure your guests have a great time!

  1. They don’t like waiting for you to take pictures. Depending on the size of your wedding party, taking pictures after your ceremony can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. To shorten this time, try to take as many pre-ceremony photos as you can. If this is not possible, think of offering a cocktail hour to keep your guests entertained.
  2. Your favors will most likely end up in the trash. In order to save on costs, a lot of couples choose simple, DIY wedding favors. News Flash: tiny jordan almond wedding favorsbubbles, mints, and Jordan Almonds are not all that popular with wedding goers. Make your wedding favors meaningful and memorable or just skip them all together.

  3. Your DJ needs to be a party starter.
    Lately, I’ve noticed that most wedding guests do not get up to dance DJ mix tableuntil the DJ invites them to the dance floor. Music might be playing, but if your DJ doesn’t know how to get the crowd moving your dance floor will remain empty.
  4. Thank-you notes are not a thing of the past. With the costs of new clothes, travel, and gifts wedding guests are thank you notepaying more and more to participate in your special day. They would really like to receive a hand-written, personalized thank you note. Purchase them when you purchase your invitations, and write a few everyday after your wedding. You should have all of your thank you notes sent within a month of your wedding day.

The people who attend you wedding will do so because they love you, and want to share in celebrating this special moment with you. Make the day more enjoyable for them by following my tips. Comment below and let me what special things you did or plan on doing for your wedding guests.