5 Event Trends I’m Ready To Kiss Goodbye

I want to start this blog post off by saying that I appreciate all of my clients, and I love the world of event planning. I realize that although I have planned and attended many events, for my clients it’s probably their first wedding, or baby shower, or housewarming party so everything is new to them. However, there are a few event trends I’m ready to let go of.

  1. Rustic/Shabby Chic Decor burlap and lace
    This trend took the wedding world by storm, but now I’m seeing it at birthday parties and baby showers as well. I have had my fill of burlap, lace, and hay bales. If you really want a shabby chic event, then just use one or two shabby elements and pump up the chic.
  2. Buffet Style Meals food stations
    Many people choose buffet style meals in an effort to cut costs and provide variety to their guests. However, I’ve noticed that when my clients opt for buffets, they end up with a lot of left over food because they tend to over  purchase in an effort to ensure the food will last. If a seated/plated meal is not your style, then you might consider food stations. This will give your guests variety, and add some movement to your event.
  3. Silk Flowers 
    When I got married, many, many moons ago, I decided to use silk flowers because I thought it would be cheaper. Well, I was wrong then, and many of you guys are wrong now. In order to get the look of real flowers, you will fake flowersprobably end up spending several hundred dollars on silk florals. Your best bet is to figure out which flowers will be in season at the time of your event, and to go local to save on shipping costs.
  4. Bubble Send Offs
    This trend really just pertains to weddings. Many couples opt for a bubble send off to, again, save money. I get that you are on a budget, which is why I think you wedding bubblesshouldn’t waste your money on those little bottles of bubbles that will do nothing but annoy your guests. If a bubble send off is really what you want, then rent a bubble machine. Place it by the exit, and turn it on a few minutes before you plan on leaving. The pictures will come out great!
  5. Hiring Amateurs amateur night sign
    I know that we all have to start somewhere. In fact, I’m still in the building stages, and I’m so glad that people have trusted my potential. So when I talk about hiring amateurs, I’m not talking about those who are just new in business. I’m talking about the people who lack experience, training, business knowledge, and who don’t respect the event planning world. Whatever the occasion, wedding, baby shower, business opening, fundraiser, it’s important to you so you shouldn’t hire a hobbyist to help pull it off.

There you have it. Five event trends I wish would go away. Now, if you are planning to have any of these elements at your event, that is totally fine. It’s your event, and you should have what you want. I just needed to get a few things off my chest. Comment below and tell me if there is an event trend you’d like to kiss goodbye.