Do I Really Need A Wedding Rehearsal?

Here lately I have had quite a few brides who want to know how much money they will save if they opt not to have a rehearsal for their wedding. My answer is none. Why? My brides don’t have the option of not having a rehearsal. There are several reasons why I think most (there are some exceptions) brides need to have some type of wedding rehearsal, and here are just a few.

You have a large wedding party. If you have more than 6 people in your images (10)wedding party, not having a rehearsal can spell disaster. Trying to get a large number of people to do something in an orderly and timely fashion without any preparation usually adds stress that could have been avoided.

Your venue has stairs or a download (7)complicated layout. If anyone in your processional has to walk up or down a set of stairs having a wedding rehearsal is a good way to ensure their safety. The layout of your venue may require your wedding party to venture to unusual places like the kitchen. Holding a rehearsal will help familiarize everyone with the floor plan.

The father of the bride is a little nervous. In my experience, the bride’s father usually has no idea what to do once he gets to the end of the aisle. The rehearsal can not only give him direction, but also bolster his images (11)confidence.

Rehearsals are all about logistics. It’s “you stand here”, “put your hands here”, “walk a little slower”, etc. While I’m a strong advocate for wedding rehearsals, I know that they won’t stop something random from happening on your big day. However, if you practice the basics it makes it a lot easier to handle the randomness of weddings.