Are Balloons Just For Kids?

One of my favorite animated movies is UP! The story is authentic and heartwarming, but I can’t lie: the balloons make the movie. Who would have thought that colorful latex filled with helium could have such a pivitol role in a movie plot? UP! The MovieLet’s face it: balloons are awesome! They can be used in so many ways, but are they appropriate for weddings? This is the question I asked on Facebook yesterday, and everyone who responded pretty much had the same thing to say, “balloons should not be used as wedding decorations.”

While I personally wouldn’t use balloons at my wedding, as an event planner I have to give my clients what they want. So, I feel like we all need a crash course on how to properly use ballons as wedding decor.

Choose a whimsical theme. Your wedding decorations should be an expression of your personality. Fun-loving couples are starting to think outside of the cake box. I’ve seen carnival and circus themed weddings that looked like a lot of fun. In a setting like this, balloons won’t seem out of place. Carnival Themed Wedding

Use pastel colored balloons. Balloons in primary colors may not be the way to go if you are planning an elegant, evening wedding. In this case, try balloons in pastel or muted tones. giant pastel balloonsUse them sparingly. It’s not unusual to balloons all over the place at a child’s birthday party. However, for a more sophisticated use of balloons keep it simple. Tie them on a few chairs, use them as centerpieces on half of your tables, or confine them to one wall as an accent.balloon wedding decorations

As a general rule, go for the giant, matte latex balloons. These will look more elegant than glossy or mylar options.

So, did you are will you use balloons as wedding decorations? How do you feel about this topic? Comment below, and let me know what you think.