Christmas Is Coming!

No, I am not confused. My last blog post was about the heat of summer, and this one is about Christmas…in a way. There are only 26 weeks until Christmas. This year, I will be joining other smart (or obsessed) shoppers and getting it done early. You can join us at this year’s Christmas In July event!

Christmas (3)



That’s right, Christmas is coming early to Longview, TX! Come shop in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment. Our vendors will have great deals on books, gift baskets, jewelry, personalized items, and more! You will want to arrive early, because the first 50 attendees will receive a swag bag full of goodies!

Parents, don’t worry about your little ones. They will have a blast in our craft corner! images Each child who takes a trip to the craft corner will create a craft, hear a story, and enjoy some yummy treats!

Are you a small-business owner in the East Texas area who is looking for ways to market your business and products to customers this summer? Well guess what we have a spot for you! Email to receive your application for the Christmas In July event. Can’t make it in person? Ask about our swag bag opportunity.



We Need You

If you are unaware, I am the President of the East Texas Chapter of Black Mom Entrepreneurs.


We are a non-profit organization seeking to provide a global platform that empowers and supports the personal growth along with professional development to black mothers who are entrepreneurs. One of the ways that we are doing this is by hosting events like the Meet & Greet that took place on May 6th in Longview, TX. This was an opportunity for all business owners to network, connect, and grow. Our next big event is a vendor event that will feature children ages 6 to 18 who have a product, service, or talent to market.


The event will take place on August 6th at the Maude Cobb complex in Longview. We are putting together swag bags and we are opening the opportunity to all business owners. The fee is $15 for 100 bags. All items must be family friendly, and received no later than August 1st. To request an invoice, please email I hope that you will help make this event a great event for the children, and the local community.

Boy or Girl? Gender Reveal Success

Lately, my news-feed has been buzzing with baby announcements, sonograms, and gender reveal parties. When I first caught wind of them, I thought gender reveals were silly, but when I became pregnant for the 5th time we already had 3 daughters and only one son. Everyone was really hoping for another boy, so the idea of a gender reveal started to appeal to me. I’m so glad we decided to do it. The joy of that moment is irreplaceable. Here are a few tips to make your gender reveal a success.

Keep It A Secret! sonogramThis was probably the biggest struggle for me. The easiest way to do this is for you not to know at all. When you arrive for your sonogram appointment, let your
healthcare provider know right away that you do not want to know the gender of the baby. Ask them to write it down on a sheet of paper, and place it in a sealed envelope.

Decide how you are going to spill the beans about your bun. I am a huge fan of using cake, cake-pops or cupcakes to share the big news. Going this route does two things, it allows everyone to be privy to the news at the same time, and they get to enjoy a sweet treat. gender reveal cupcakesSimply hand your envelope to your baker at the time you place your order. They will then choose a filling according to the baby’s gender. It’s usually either pink or blue.

Feel free to change up the color scheme. Most people stick with pink and blue decorations for their gender reveal, but there are so many other options. I love the bees (What Will it Bee?) and ducks (Waddle It Be?) are two great options that allow you to use different colors, but stick to the gender reveal theme.


Are you planning a gender reveal? I’d love to know how you plan on breaking the big news! Comment below and give me a sneak peek!


My Favorite Wedding Trends of 2016

In my line of work, I get to be hands on with all sorts of events. Secretly, weddings are my favorite. OK, it’s not a secret anymore. However, in the days of Pinterest, weddings were starting to look very cookie-cutter. That’s why I’m so glad that the trends of the year are breathing new life into the wedding world. Read below to find out my favorite wedding trends of 2016.

  1. Freshly Picked Flowers
    This may seem like a throw-back, and that’s because it is. During the upswing of the D-I-Y movement, brides were opting for silk or paper flowers. fresh cut flowers Some brides were even cutting out flowers all together in an effort to save money. Now couples are opting for local, fresh-picked flowers to adorn their venues.
  2. Banquet Style Seating
    For a long time the only option for brides were round tables, which are not that easy to use in unique shaped venues, and really don’t offer many seating options. With banquet style seatingbanquet, or rectangular, style-tables, you can maximize your space, create unique table patterns, and make use of another trend: family style receptions!
  3. Shimmer and Shine
    One sure fire way to glam up your wedding, or any event, is to add some sparkle. Sequins, glitter, and metallic materials are making a huge comeback in 2016, and I am beyond excited. Brides are adding the shine to everything from linens, invitations, and even bridesmaid dresses! Note: while I’m all for this trend, everything that glitters is NOT gold. This trend is best suited for evening weddings. metallic bridesmaid dresses
  4. Scrumptious Wedding Favors
    Jordan Almonds were the go-to wedding favor for many years. They were cute, cheap, and easy to use, but they are also disgusting. I’m sorry (not really) if you are a fan of the things. The topic of what kind of favor to give always comes up in my bridal consultation, and I’m glad to see that many brides are embracing the idea of homemade treats. Not only are they delicious, but once your meal has been served guests can tear into their favor for an after-party snack or to get a burst of energy for a final round or dancing. cake jar favor

Comment below and let me know if you will be incorporating any of these trends into your big day!

Need help with your wedding plans? Are you unsure of how to make the latest trends work for you? Contact us for a complimentary bridal consultation.

Double Duty Weekend (event recap)

A few months ago, I was contacted by a client that I worked with last year. She wanted to throw a party for her husband’s 40th birthday. I was honored that she valued my work enough to hire me again, and we got right away! I was able to find an amazing venue, but it wasn’t available on her desired date. After some thought, she decided to book the venue, and change the date. That’s how I ended up pulling double duty.

Saturday afternoon, I hosted a pre-Mother’s Day event at the Holiday Inn Express in Longview, TX. It was a blast! I was able to work with some really amazing vendors.

This Silpada table was so cute!

There was shopping, girl talk, and even raffle prizes!

Our VIP ticket holders were able to retreat to a quiter area where they enjoyed refreshments, facials, massages, and a hand-scrub spa treatment. mother's day food table.JPG




I want to thank my mother-in-law for not only helping me set-up, but for staying to ensure the venue was put back together. She had to pitch-in so I could leave early, and drive to Dallas for the 40th birthday party!!


I was exhausted when I arrived, but I was able to set-up in record time. My client wanted a very elegant look for the event so we decided to go with gold.

In order to add some visual variety, I did not use matching centerpieces. However, each table had a mate on the other side of the room.

The stage was set for the birthday boy.

The best part of the evening for me was this smile on the birthday boy’s face.

I love what I do, but I’m soooo glad I survived my double duty weekend!

If you have an event that you need help with, contact Visions by Vaughn. Your first consultation is always complimentary.


Plan Like A Pro: 4 Tips for a Successful 2016 Event Season

I’m guessing you’ve been taught that there are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Did you also know there is an event season? The days between April 1st and September 30th seemed to be filled with every event conceivable. In most areas, the weather is cooperative and the kiddos are out of school a good chunk of this time. If you are throwing your hat in the ring this year, read on to find 4 tips for a successful 2016 event season.

  1. Every event needs a venue, and finding the best one usually causes stress and angst to the event planner. That doesn’t have to be your story this year. Check out speed rfp It’s an easy to use (free) site that allows you to contact several event venues with a few clicks of your mouse. You simply fill in a few specifications for your event, select the venues you are interested in, and select send. The venue managers will contact you to setup tours, or offer you a deal.
  2. If you are new to my blog, you may not know that I’m a strong advocate for timelines. They are a great way to organize your planning process. Start with your event date in mind, checklist and calculate how much time you have until then. Make a list of all of the things that must get done. Divide your timeline into months, weeks, and days. Don’t forget to include meetings, marketing events, and any payment deadlines.
  3. It might not be a good idea to discuss on a first gold dollar signdate, but if you want your next event to be a success you’ve got to talk budget. Even if it’s not your intent to make a profit, you should still come up with an overall budget, keep track of your spending, and re-analyze your budget throughout the planning process.
  4. Part of planning a successful event is to track your progress during the planning process and making any necessary changes. I like to use Event Management Page via Eventbrite to help me do this. Eventbrite will help you organize your planning eventbrite lofo process. Their Event Management Page makes it easy to track ticket sales and donations, advertise on social media, and track your marketing efforts. This is the time of year when people are looking for things to do. Eventbrite makes it easy for you to reach your target audience with front page advertising opportunities.

BONUS TIP: Think outside of the box. The experience is just as important as the content of your event. Your attendees might not remember everything the speaker says and your party favors very well may end up in the trash, but people will remember how they felt at your event.

There you have it! I’ve given you 4 tips to help you plan like a pro. If you still feel a little nervous, contact Visions by Vaughn for a complimentary phone consultation.
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Do I Really Need A Wedding Rehearsal?

Here lately I have had quite a few brides who want to know how much money they will save if they opt not to have a rehearsal for their wedding. My answer is none. Why? My brides don’t have the option of not having a rehearsal. There are several reasons why I think most (there are some exceptions) brides need to have some type of wedding rehearsal, and here are just a few.

You have a large wedding party. If you have more than 6 people in your images (10)wedding party, not having a rehearsal can spell disaster. Trying to get a large number of people to do something in an orderly and timely fashion without any preparation usually adds stress that could have been avoided.

Your venue has stairs or a download (7)complicated layout. If anyone in your processional has to walk up or down a set of stairs having a wedding rehearsal is a good way to ensure their safety. The layout of your venue may require your wedding party to venture to unusual places like the kitchen. Holding a rehearsal will help familiarize everyone with the floor plan.

The father of the bride is a little nervous. In my experience, the bride’s father usually has no idea what to do once he gets to the end of the aisle. The rehearsal can not only give him direction, but also bolster his images (11)confidence.

Rehearsals are all about logistics. It’s “you stand here”, “put your hands here”, “walk a little slower”, etc. While I’m a strong advocate for wedding rehearsals, I know that they won’t stop something random from happening on your big day. However, if you practice the basics it makes it a lot easier to handle the randomness of weddings.