5 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

I love my children, but I’m so glad I’m done with birthday parties for the year. This year we had Strawberry Shortcake, Princesses and Pirates, Rock ‘n Roll Luau, and Team Umizoomi. The youngest will turn 1 next year so that makes a total of 5 birthday parties. Yikes! I’m a sucker for a good theme, and like any good event planner, I’ve already started researching for next year. Here are 5 themes that I think are too cool not to share.

  1. Minute to Win It
    I used to love watching the TV show, and my family and I have even played a few of the games. With just a few household items you can entertain your guests, and create some great memories.
  2.  Mystery/Clue detective silhouette
    Everyone loves a good who done it. Your little guests will have a great time playing detective by finding clues, interviewing suspects, and solving a “crime.” Get the party started with these free printables.
  3. Painting/Art Party
    Coloring books are trending for adults now, but they are still pretty popular with the kiddie crowd. Think coloring books, crayons, and water colors. For super-sized fun, hang up a plain white sheet and give the kids squirt bottles filled with paint. They will love it! paint party inspiration
  4. Dance Party
    There is so much you can do with this theme: musical chairs, dance off, and choreography challenge. Most local dance schools rent out space and will even have a student or teacher available to teach your guests a few moves.
  5. Glow In the Dark neon glow party
    If you have a tween, they will love this idea! To turn the fun up a notch, cut open a few glow sticks and use them to make glow in the dark bubbles.

If these themes don’t work for you, then check out my Pinterest board dedicated to kids’ party themes. Comment below and share your ideas for a unique child’s birthday party theme.